Monday, February 28, 2005

David Horowitz has No Fans in my Department, Except One

David Horowitz is the major target of criticism amongst my colleagues. A liberal turned conservative, Horowitz is the author of the "Academic Bill of Rights," which has caused so much controversy. (See here for one of the latest episodes.) My colleagues constantly bad mouth this guy. Their contempt for him knows no bounds. Most of the criticisms, at least lately, of conservativism by my colleagues is directed against Horowitz. But, he has done the most to expose liberal bias in higher education. But my colleagues can't stand having the mirror held up to their faces. Naturally enough, they don't like to admit that they're in the wrong. We need more people like Horowitz on the outside of academia, but who keep a close watch on it. A society needs a few watchdog to keep a look out for areas where we experience what Allan Bloom called "the closing of the American mind."


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