Monday, February 14, 2005

Liberal Groupthink is My Cover

So, you might be wondering how easy or difficult it is to stay keep my conservative political and moral views hidden from my liberal colleagues. It is incredibly easy, actually. To begin with, liberal groupthink dominates academia. Everyone just assumes that if you're in academia, especially in the Humanities, you're a liberal. So, unless you speak out then it is pretty easy to stay in the closet. But, I also have an additional advantage. My dissertation, which I'm still working on, focuses on a contemporary French philosopher who is know in academia primarily as a radical Leftist. Generally speaking, academics seem to just assume that you agree with and share the same views as the figure you focus on in your dissertation. So, everyone just assumes that since I'm writing on a radical Leftists that I must be a radical Leftist. I keep my mouth shut about my conservativism. Often I have to bite my tongue when I hear disparaging remarks about conservatives. But, so long as I manage to do that the liberal bias of academia makes it all to easy to stay in the closet. Everyone just assumes you're a liberal.

P.S. I wrote my dissertation on a radical Leftist simply because I was interested in understanding his philosophy. It's possible to want to learn something inside and out without necessarily agreeing with it.


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