Wednesday, March 02, 2005

How to Hide Your Conservativism in Academia, Lesson #4: Criticize Fox News

While it may be the case that academia and the media tilt to the Left, it is also true that Fox News tilts to the Right. Even press officers in the military seem to think Fox News plays to the Right (see the documentary Control Room). There is a detectable amount of conservative leaning commentary and editorializing on the shows on that channel. If you actually think it is “objective news” then – I hate to break it to you – you’re suffering from self-deception. Most of the liberal academics I know just presume that most conservatives think what they hear on Fox News is objective or neutral. So, if you criticize Fox News for its rightward lean your colleagues will think you’re a liberal. This is one of those things I can do without feeling like a hypocrite to fit in with liberal academics.


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